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Graduation and More Shopping April 10, 2009

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“This was what I liked most about my friends: just sitting around and telling stories.” (John Green, Paper Towns, pg. 215)

One thing I loved about Paper Towns was John Green’s ridiculous ability to relate to how I feel about graduating. On one hand, I just want to get out of the house and never see me brother again, never deal with my mum’s ridiculous antics about cleaning and freaking out about crap. On the other hand, university is much different than high school: there’s no set lunch period; just because my friend and I sign up for the same course doesn’t mean there’s a 50% chance we’ll be in the same class; you don’t sit in a seat on the first day and automatically get that seat for the rest of the year. And those are just some of the differences. The classes are bigger, not as intimate and laid-back. I’ve gotten used to such small classes this year. Two of my classes have 16 kids each – the other has 31, but that’s a pretty general course. My math class has run all year, so I’ve been with the same kids for eight months now, and then five months last year because it was pretty much the same math class, so 13 months total. Over a year I’ve spent learning math with these kids in such a small class. We’ve all become such good friends. We all work together on the ridiculous problems we get, like a team. We even form little groups with our desks somtimes to work on the AP packages. It’s going to be difficult getting used to classes with hundreds of kids in them – even moreso if I don’t have classes with my friends.

Math is going to be the biggest change, I think, since I’ve been with the same general group of kids since grade 9, and people were just weeded out through high school as some realized they wanted to take academic math instead. I’ve also had the same math teacher since grade 10, and he’s great. <3 I’m really thankful, however, that my closest friends will most likely be coming to the same university as me. Even though math will be drastically different, I’ll have to make a friend with whom I can go to the gym, and we’ll all be living in a foreign place, I’m really grateful they’ll be there. Even though we don’t have a set lunch time, we’ll still go for lunch together, still laugh about ridiculously stupid things until we cry.

I’m dearly sorry that was all so depressing. I hate being sentimental, it makes me sad. :( On a lighter note, I have pictures from my raid of the mall yesterday. My skirt and shawl thing and my tshirt. (The skirt is longer than it looks, I swear!) Tomorrow I’m walking to Walmart and Payless and any other shoe store in that little plaza and hoping they have hooker boots in my size under $60, and if they do, I’ll look for some jeans in Walmart, and also a tshirt I should have bought when I found it in Garage back in the beginning of March, but my mum told me to wait since we went to the States for March Break but then we didn’t find it there and when we came back it was no longer in Garage. Boo. (Also, that sentence was so run-on and made no sense. Excuse my horrible grammar. :p) Anyway, tomorrow will be eventful, hopefully. I’m so bored at the moment. Then on Sunday or something I can do math, since it’s the only work I have.

I almost forgot the song of the day! Today’s song is going to be Ben Taylor’s cover of I Try, which was originally by Macy Gray. Many of you may know this song from the Cheerios commercial. It took me SO long to find it, but it was really rewarding once I did because I absolutely love this song. <3 Anyway, this blog is getting pretty long and I’m being called upstairs for something. See you all tomorrow! :)


2 Responses to “Graduation and More Shopping”

  1. Marzieh Says:

    Dude, that really is scary. But don’t worry, because I’m sure you’ll do great in uni, and I’m sure you’ll have the most amazing time ever. *HUGGLES*
    I love your skirt! =o It’s so pretty! And your tshirt and shawl thing are pretty awesome too. I really like the paint splatter design on the shirt. <3 Hopefully you’ll find the hooker boots you want. I’ve been wanting boots for ages, but my mom thinks people think I’m crazy if I wear them here, because it’s so warm and hot. Psh. But yeah, I’ll shut up now. =D

  2. Gerarda Says:

    Aww don’t worry too much about university Lindsay, it’s different but it’s still pretty good.
    awesome clothes! I went shopping on thursday and found nothing I like. All the colours in season are so unflattering for me, greys, blacks and beigey/white colours. I look HORRIBLE in those colours. And black gets boring when everything you have is BLACK.

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