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Shopping, Laughs and Crazy Friends April 9, 2009

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Oh, man. I’m so, so exhausted, but I have to blog. Not only can I still make it before April 10, but I feel like I should document this. Honestly, it’s probably not going to be specific in any way, because my memory sucks. BUT I have to share the awesome time I had today! :)

So, I was supposed to tutor after school, but the girl came and saw me between third and fourth and told me she couldn’t make it, which was irritating because she has my phone number and should have called me to let me know before today. However, this meant that I could go straight to the mall (after a detour to the library to pick up the CD and DVD that came in for me) after school, and ohmygod it was amazing. I went with two of my friends who are dating, and oddly enough, I feel like more of a third wheel at school when I’m just surrounded by couples. Actually, when I write it out like that, it makes more sense that I feel like a third (seventh?) wheel at school when I’m surrounded by couples, but isn’t it more intimate when you’re just with one couple? Whatever, I guess. The point is that it’s excellent because I’m really good friends with both of them, and because of that I can be with them even though they’re dating and not at all feel like a third wheel. And they’re both oodles of fun. <3

Anyway, so basically we just had the best time ever. We submitted our resumes to some stores, went shopping, and just had lots of laughs at each others’ and our own expenses. XD Another friend met us at 7, so we just hung out for an hour and a half before the movie started and actually laughed until we cried. I did not, however, find the knee-high AKA hooker boots I was looking for. I found the perfect pair stylistically (is that a word?) at some store, but they didn’t have my size. :( I think I’m going to walk to Walmart or something on Saturday and check stuff out there. There might be an Aldo in the same complex that I can see… There’s definitely a PayLess, so we’ll check there. My mum said she’d pay for the boots if I bought everything else I wanted, which is fair. (Although I still want skinny jeans to wear the boots over as well as a tshirt that has, like, the flowy material. I definitely didn’t describe that properly. Oh, well, this is why I’m going into a career that doesn’t require good grammar/English. XD) I did, however, get a skirt, a tshirt that says “Gemini” with a really awesome splatter paint design, and just a small sort of jacket thing that I’m wearing over my dress for commencement/a wedding I have to go to. I’ll take pics and put them up tomorrow.

I started this blog at 11PM and now it’s 11:50PM. I have 10 minutes remaining until April 9 becomes April 10. I still need a song of the day… Today’s song of the day will be Kelly Clarkson’s Where Is Your Heart.  In all honesty, I’d love to still have Inside Out by Eve 6 be the song of the day, since I’m still obsessed with it, but I can’t have the same song of the day twice in a row. That can be the secondary song of the day or something. :p Even though I haven’t played it on my iPod today since I’ve been out of the house and very busy from 8AM until 11PM. Or maybe I did… I played cards today at lunch and I was listening to it. I lied. Oops! I listened to it many times, actually… Man, my memory really does suck. XD

And with 3 minutes left of April 9, I bid you all adieu! I will see you tomorrow. April 10. Good Friday for those of you who celebrate Easter.


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