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Bo-oring April 8, 2009

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I honestly have no idea where to start today – today wasn’t a very interesting day, unfortunately. Not that it wasn’t fun, just that it wasn’t very interesting or unique…

I started tutoring a new kid today. You have no idea what a relief it is to tutor a kid who actually understands when you tell him something! It’s pretty much just one or two units in math that he can’t grasp, since he also doesn’t study and doesn’t pay that much attention during class, but he’s a really bright kid, so all I really have to do is lay down the foundation and he understands. I can tell him something once, and he pretty much understands right then. It’s such a relief! It’s so unbelievably frustrating to explain something to someone in every possible way you can think of, yet they still don’t understand. Or maybe it’s just because I have very little patience… I could never be a teacher, though. I admire those of you who have that kind of patience to explain things over and over in a multitude of ways. Cookies to you all!

Just so you all know, I don’t know if I’m going to be able to blog tomorrow. I’m going to the mall after school with two friends, and we’re going to apply for jobs (wish me luck!) and do some shopping, and then get dinner and catch a movie. (I Love You, Man! I’m so excited.) The showing is after 8, though, so I’ll probably be home too late to blog, but I’ll try, if I’m not too exhausted. If I can’t blog, I’ll blog twice on Friday to make up, since Friday is Good Friday and I don’t have school.

Hmm. It’s been two hours and I haven’t written anything else. It’s 10PM and I’m exhausted, so I’m heading off to bed. Before I leave, though, the song of the day is Inside Out by Eve 6. I was watching Chase/Cameron videos (from House, if you didn’t know) last night, and I came across this video. The song used was Inside Out, and I just loved it. <3 I’ve been listening to it on repeat almost all day. Check it out! It’s like a retro rock song or something. I dunno, but I love it. :)


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