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Barbershop Quartet? April 6, 2009

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Remember how yesterday I predicted something ridiculous would happen at school? Oh, how right I was. I got into school today a bit later than usual, so I just had time to go to my locker and drop off my stuff before the first bell rang. I walk into chemistry, sit down, and, as usual, the second bell rings, and then a voice over the PA says, “Please stand for the playing of Oh, Canada.” Of course, we don’t get the normal, orchestral version that’s played at hockey games and other such respected events. We don’t even get the jazzed up version that normally plays in our school. (Why they recorded a version like that beats me.) No, we get a barbershop quartet version. Yes, you read correctly. A barbershop quartet recording of our national anthem. “Why would anyone record something like that?” you may ask. “I have no freaking idea,” is my reply. My school is bizarre. I’m sure the jazzed up version was recorded at our school, but I’m not sure about the barbershop version. If it wasn’t recorded at school, I seriously wonder who would be possessed to do that to our national anthem. *sigh*

In other news, my teacher has one opening for the Euclid math contest tomorrow, so even though he forgot to remind us to pay (which means I totally forgot), I can bring him the money tomorrow and write the contest. :) I’ll have to present my chemistry project to my teacher at lunch, but that’s alright.

Oh, speaking of projects, our model of a human joint was due today, and we did fairly well. Our teacher gave us three level 4s, which account for 70% of our mark, and the other 30% is from peer evaluations. We also had to do a mini-report, though, which could raise our mark, so we’ll see. :) I took some pictures of it, though by the time I took them it was in pretty bad shape. Our teacher already marked it, so we didn’t really take that much care in transporting it, and my partner ripped off the buttons we used as menisci, since his mum wanted them back. Anyway, here’s the anterior (front) view, posterior (back) view, and a view of it in partial flexion. Basically, the pantyhose filled with red yarn are muscles (on the anterior view, the ones on the far right (on the femur) are the quadriceps, then on the posterior, the two on the tibia and fibula are the medial and lateral heads of gastrocnemius, AKA the calf muscle (side note: you know those people who have those sort of “w” shapes half-way down their calves? That’s gastrocnemius), and then the other two are the long and short heads of the biceps femoris), the red ribbon are tendons (they attach muscle to bone) and the green ribbons are ligaments, which attach bone to bone. There were buttons on the top of the tibia below the condyles (little spheres) on the bottom of the femur, which provide the point of rotation for the tibia, but my friend ripped them off to take home ’cause his mum wanted them back.

I don’t really think I can adequately explain our model to a) someone not in the course and b) especially without the aid of the model first-hand, so I could point things out, since “little spheres” describing the condyles of the femur is really vague. :p Ah, well. I’ll shut up about that now since it’s definitely not interesting. I started off this blog so well, and then I started rambling about human anatomy. I tend to do that often lately. I just can’t stop gushing about how much I love this course. :) <3

Anyway, I’ll leave it at that for now, ’cause this is getting long. I shall return tomorrow with news about the math contest (just what you all wanted to hear, I know ;)) and hopefully some other interesting stuff. See you then!


5 Responses to “Barbershop Quartet?”

  1. Jacinthe Says:

    Do you hear the national anthem every morning, or was it what was so special about today? I must admit, a barbershop quartet sounds hilarious XD.

    • niamara Says:

      Woo! Thanks, guys! =)
      Jacinthe – we hear the national anthem every morning, it’s just usually not barbershop quarter version. XD It is pretty hilarious, actually, just weird that someone would think of recording a version like that. Maybe I’ll see if I can get my camera and record just the music or something and put it on YouTube for you guys…

  2. Catherine Says:

    I think your explaination was more than “adequate” Lindsay! I’m glad you’re enjoying your course. =)

  3. Gerarda Says:

    Hehe, now I know a complicated name for the calf muscle! I’m glad your enjoying your course =) You are totally beating me at this BEDA thing XD

  4. Alex Says:

    Lindsay! They play that version at my school too! At one point it goes “BUM BUM BUM.” It’s pretty crazy.

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