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Sundays and Pizza April 5, 2009

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Ah, Sundays. I’m not generally a fan of Sundays, I must admit. As Kate says in Kate & Leopold, Sundays are tainted by Mondays, whereas Saturdays are completely free of stress and worry. After all of the stress and work during the week, I usually relax Friday nights and Saturdays, doing only light amounts of work (depending on how much work I have for the weekend; sometimes I’m forced to work on Saturdays and Friday nights, which is not cool), which leaves most of the work to be done on Sundays. Plus, just the thought of going back to school or work is enough to make anyway hate Sundays. Today, however, was one of those rare exceptions to the Sunday rule. I did spend it working on a project, but it was fun! My partner and I finished the knee joint model we had to build, and I got the Blue October discography. :) <3 I got burned by the glue gun while working on the project, but I suppose that’s a small price to pay for having a good partner, since we do all our projects together.

Also, last night, I got to try something I was looking forward to trying for a little while: pizza with olives! I love black olives, and I love pizza, so therefore the two must be amazing together, right? How wrong I was. It was awful. I have decided that olives are only good when they are cold, like in salads, or on subs (ohmygoodgod, don’t even get me started on how much I love Subway – every single time I go there I get the chicken terriyaki sub with cucumbers, lettuce and lots of olives. Mmmmm), or just plain with toast and cream cheese. When you cook them, though… Yuch. They’re terrible. Pizza with pepperoni is the only way to go. Or maybe meat lovers; that’s good, too. No veggies or pineapple or anything bizarre. It’s weird, though, because I always pick off the toppings and eat them separately. I might as well ask for a cheese pizza with a side of pepperoni, bacon and sausage! I think it’s because I love the taste of pepperoni, the there-but-almost-nonexistent spice to the meat… Mmmm. <33

I apologize for the shortness of this blog – I didn’t really do much today besides work on my project, so there’s not really much to say. I should be going, anyway. The Mentalist is on in 50 minutes, and I have to print off my write-up and bibliography and shower. I’ll see you all tomorrow. Surely something interesting will happen at school…


2 Responses to “Sundays and Pizza”

  1. Gerarda Says:

    I LOVE olives on Pizzas! Black olives only though. But they literally make pizza awesome. And I don’t like meat on my pizzas (well maybe if there’s a little tiny bit it’s okay but there’s NO WAY I could eat a MeatLovers). I think this is all due to a horrible experience I had in Year 3 when our class had the best excursion ever which consisted of going to Pizza Hut to make our owns pizza and then watching Toy Story 2 in an empty cinema. For some reason I decided to put pineapple and ALL this meat on my pizza and it was disgusting and made me feel REALLY SICK. But it still was a pretty awesome excursion.

  2. niamara Says:

    Oh, no! =( I think it was the pineapples primarily that made you sick (unless you like pineapples). I had a similar experience once – I tried pineapples on a pizza and it was gross and made my feel a little ill. I later discovered I don’t like them cold, either, so… Yuch.

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