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School, School, and more School… April 4, 2009

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Let me just start off by saying that I’m exhausted, so I don’t know how lucid I’ll be!

Anyway, today was quite an interesting day. I went over to my friend’s house to work on our exercise science and chemistry projects. I know I was a little angry with him for leaving the exercise science project until the last minute, but we always have so much fun together. :) We were laughing the whole time! We have the most hilarious conversations, and even though we were working – we got all of our chemistry done, but not all of the joint model, so I have to go back tomorrow to finish – we were laughing and joking the whole time.

Also, I was talking to a friend from elementary school on MSN today, and I found out that she’s planning on coming to the same university as I am! :) I’m really excited, because I haven’t really properly seen her since grade 8. :( It’s also possible that I room with her, since she’s looking to get into an apartment-style room, which would be good for me because I snack a lot and you can’t exactly keep lots of food in traditional-style rooms. XD Or, even if we don’t room together in the first year, it’s possible that we could room together in second year, too, when we move off campus into an off-campus house. She has two friends coming with her to our university, and I have two or three, so if only two of my friends come, the six of us could rent a house together. :) She’s also going into the same program as me, so we’ll (hopefully!) have lots of classes together if the scheduling doesn’t screw us over. Anyway, it’s something to think about before we have to submit our rooming surveys.

Right now I have to finish the write up of the joint we chose to make, and The Pursuit of Happyness is on, so I’m out for the night. See you on BEDA Day 5!


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