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BEDA April 3, 2009

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So, I’ve been introduced to this new (to me, at least) idea called BEDA – or Blog Every Day of April. Today is April 3rd, which obviously means I’ve already failed this challenge, but I figure why not try to blog for every remaining day of April? In all honesty, I’ll probably forget most days, because my memory is quite abysmal, or maybe I’ll just be too busy. However, I will try to get something up here for every other day in April. =)

Um… Hmm. So I guess if it weren’t obvious enough, blogging is new to me (considering I only have one other entry on this site XD). I’m not really sure what to write about. I guess it’s just anything that’s on your mind at the time? At this moment in time, I’m researching cell phone plans, and every company is pretty useless for what I need except for Koodo, which is kind of upsetting because Koodo has, like, 6 phones to choose from. I kid you not. This gorgeous phone that I have picked out is available at Rogers and Telus, but they’re both really expensive and have a monthly system access fee of approximately $7.00, which Koodo does not. Koodo is also cheaper, but alas, they do not have my beautiful phone. I’ll just have to keep looking, and hoping that either Rogers or Telus comes out with the My10 promotion this summer. That would be excellent, AND I would get to buy my beautiful phone! All would be right in the world. :)

Man, I’m boring. I’ll try and come up with something more interesting to discuss. Maybe I’ll have another ridiculous dream tonight… I’ve been having the most ridiculous dreams lately. One night, for example, I had a dream where I was at a wizard rock concert with Alex Carpenter, and we left the auditorium to enter a bike shop, of all places. Then somehow the dream morphed and I was in fitness class at school with our substitute teacher from last year and we were playing a combination of dodgeball and octopus, but just then the dream morphed again to something I can’t remember, and then again, and I was in my backyard playing this weird version of dodgeball and paintball with some old lady I didn’t know and Tom Felton… Yeah, it was bizarre. Then the night before a test I had on joints in the human body, all I remember of a crazy dream was me running out through the back door, away from my father (who was a ridiculous control freak in the dream) and screaming, “GLENOHUMERAL LIGAMENT!” at him (glenohumeral ligament = a ligament in the shoulder – gleno comes from glenoid fossa which is in your scapula/shoulder blade where your humerus attaches to form the shoulder joint (the glenoid fossa is commonly known as the socket – if you’ve torn your shoulder out of its socket, your humerus has become detached from the glenoid fossa), and humeral = humerus).

I think that was enough of my ridiculous dreams for now. XD Hopefully I’ll think of something interesting to blog about tomorrow. I’ll probably just come back with frustrations about the knee joint I have to build for Monday… But at least it’s something, right? Probably not. I’ll think of something else in time.


2 Responses to “BEDA”

  1. Gerarda Says:

    What do you mean not interesting? That was hilarious!! GLENOHUMERAL LIGAMENT! hahahaha.
    Yay for BEDA!

  2. Jacinthe Says:

    I second that. Your dream was hilarious!

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